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Sylvia Wenmackers

You have reached the homepage of Sylvia Wenmackers. I am a philosopher of science and a physicist.
News Pieter Thyssen interviewed me for an internal publication: you can read the interview here.
Since 15th of December 2014, my Ph.D. student Pieter Thyssen started on his project "Probability, determinism and causation along closed timelike curves". You can find his blog here.
In October 2014, I took up a BOF-ZAP research professorship (tenure track) at the Institute of Philosophy at KU Leuven. I continue my research project on philosophy of physics (with a special interest in infinitesimals and probabilities) and I joined the Centre for Logic and Analytic Philosophy.
During the academic year 2014-2015, I teach two courses, both in Dutch: a Master level course (philosophy of probability) and a Bachelor level course (introduction to philosophy and philosophy science).
Meanwhile, I remain affiliated to the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Groningen to complete my research project "Inexactness in the exact sciences" on a VENI grant funded by the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).
In 2011, I defended my doctoral thesis in Philosophy (4MB) on the philosophy of probability. My current research deals with the foundations of probability theory, epistemology (what is rational to believe?), and philosophy of physics. I like to apply methods of (statistical) physics to problems in (formal) philosophy; you can find an example of this approach on this conference poster (2011) (1MB).
In 2008, I completed my doctoral thesis in Physics (20MB) about diamond-based DNA sensors. You can find an overview of this research on this conference poster (2009) (8MB).
My first degree was in Theoretical Physics; I obtained my Master degree in 2002 at Ghent University. For more details on my education and work, please see my curriculum vitae, the list of my publications, a sample of work in progress, and a selection of oral presentations and awards.