With my sketchbook at Tiananmen Square
Sylvia Wenmackers
In May 2011, I defended my Ph.D. in Philosophy. There was some interest by the Dutch and Belgian press: an article appeared in the newspaper (NRC Next) and another one on the internet (Kennislink); I was also asked to explain a bit about my research on the radio (Radio1 in Belgium and Radio2 in the Netherlands).  
This short encounter with the press made me realize again how much I enjoy talking about my research, so I decided to start writing a blog. The topics are not restricted to what I am working on, but can be about science, philosophy, or art - and interesting combinations between them. Since there exist already many good blogs on these topics in English, my blog is in Dutch.  
To visit my blog, please click on the image below. If you would like to get an idea of its content in English (or some other language), you can try the automatic translation by Google.  
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